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Our Favorite Blogs

Apologetics 315
Daily apologetics resources including audio, debates, podcasts, book reviews, and more.

Alpha & Omega Ministries Apologetics Blog
James White's apologetics blog.
Scholarly articles supporting the Christian worldview. Comment threads are sometimes very active, providing a good place to engage atheists and skeptics.

The Apologetic Front
Apologetics with interests in defending Christianity against Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Atheists, and more

Apologetic Junkie
Equipping the Church and Engaging the Culture: Apologetics, Theology, Philosophy, Politics, and Culture.

An online resource dealing with issues such as religions, sects, biblical scholarship and the Jesus myth theory.

The A-Team Blog
The A-Team Blog addresses issues related to the study and practice of Christianity within its cultural context and promotes goodness, beauty and truth.

Atheism is Dead
Where atheism is red in tooth and claw.

Apologetics with an urban slant: featuring articles, videos, and debates.

Confident Christianity
Mary Jo Sharp's apologetics & discernment ministry.

The Constructive Curmudgeon
A forum for reflection on culture, ethics, philosophy, and theology by Douglas Groothuis.

Cowan Chronicles
Steve Cowan, Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics and the associate director of the Apologetics Resource Center in Birmingham, dedicates this blog to the discussion of current events, philosophical and theological issues, and any other topic that may be of interest to his friends, family, and students.

C.S. Lewis Society Blog
Reflecting on Important Issues in Apologetics and Intelligent Design.

Dangerous Idea
Victor Reppert's blog to discuss philosophy, chess, politics, C. S. Lewis, or whatever it is that he's in the mood to discuss.

Defending. Contending.
Defending truth and contending for the Faith while carrying the Light of the Gospel into a world shrouded in darkness.

Eye On Apologetics
Dedicated to the discussion and promotion of Christian apologetics, theology and evangelism.

Faith Interface
Discusses the interface between Science, Philosophy & the Christian faith.

Blog of Christian philosopher and apologist Peter S. Williams, principally on intelligent design theory.

In Defense of the Faith Apologetic Ministry
Cultural commentary, news, theological and apologetic resources and podcasts.

Harnessing the Power of God’s Story to Transform our World.

Life and Doctrine
Christian apologetics covering issues such as world religions and cults including Rabbinic Judaism, the Baha'i Faith, Mormonism and much more.

Manawatu Christian Apologetics Society, New Zealand
This website is the point of contact for our society and includes details our previous meetings, a calendar of coming events both in our region and nationally, and news items and links to numerous other exciting Christian-apologetics-related happenings from around the world.

The Moral Absolute
A fundamentalist Baptist blog centering around theology, doctrine, politics and faith, and Christian news.

Operation 513 Apologetics
A blog featuring regular posts of articles, MP3s and videos defending the veracity of the Christian faith.

A rambling on-line discourse that returns inevitably to the idea that we live in a world accurately described by the Christian understanding.
Thoughtful reflections on apologetics and theological issues from an island in the Son.

A Reasonable Imagination
An apologetics-oriented blog emphasizing philosophy, theology, technology, and cultural engagement and discernment.

The Skeptical Christian
Provides a philosophical defense of the Christian faith, with extensive book reviews, debates, podcasts, and more.

Stand to Reason Blog
Engaging timely and timeless topics with clear-thinking Christianity.

A student's musings on Classical Arminian Theology and Christian Apologetics.
A variety of topics such as apologetic issues, philosophical studies, as well as information about the relationship between Judaism and Christianity. This site is committed to help the follower of Jesus the Messiah integrate their faith into all areas of their lives.

Think Christianly
Providing daily encouragement, cultural reflection, and solid resources to help you think Christianly about all of life.

Thoughtful Christianity
Thoughtfully exploring, sharing, and defending the truth of Christianity.

Thoughts on Apologetics and Theology
Commentary on Christian apologetics, theology, philosophy, religious news, and politics from a Christian perspective.

Tough Questions Answered
This blog provides answers to tough questions about Christianity. The authors take challenges to the Christian faith seriously, and want to inform and dialogue with those who sincerely seek answers.

True Horizon
Where Clear Thinking Faith Meets the Real World: Discussing Worldview Issues, Engaging the Naturalistic Paradigm, Making the Case for Christian Theism.

Truthbomb Apologetics
Truthbomb Apologetics is a ministry of Faith Christian Fellowship located in Williamsport, Maryland (
We are committed to analyzing truth claims relating to God and equipping believers in Christ to be ready to intelligently and respectfully defend what they believe.

Truth in Context
Providing resources for Christians seeking to know, live, and defend the love and orthodox teachings of Jesus in all of life, from personal Bible study to public defense.

Uncommon Descent
Serving the Intelligent Design Community.

Veritas Domain
Three military and ex-military Christians engaging in apologetics, theology and worldview.

What Had Happened Was...
A blog that covers Theology, History, Science, Apologetics, Current Events and how these things impact culture through the media.

Why Faith
Comments on various faith related topics and articles on faith topics, with in-depth analysis of specific issues.

Wintery Knight
Integrating Christianity with public knowledge. Analyzing fiscal, social and foreign policy from a Christian worldview.