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About Us

Dear Friends,

   My name is Todd Pitner and if you happen to be a non-believer, I used to be one of you – an intellectually fulfilled ‘good person’ who had a pretty good run for 42 of my 45 years. Although born into a Catholic family and lovingly forced into church attendance, after high school I couldn’t get church in the rear-view mirror fast enough. Other than the obligatory annual Christmas and Easter services, I was “godless and doing just fine.”

   Upon joining the Church of NarcissistianityThe Gospel According to Me, the next twenty-plus years served me pretty well. I compiled quite an impressive non-believer’s resume. My credentials:

        – Made a lot of money, lost it all (bankrupt)  
        – Got married, had kids, all-work, no pray (divorced)
        – Tried drugs, drank enough to kill a moose (alcoholic)
        – Broke all Ten Commandments* (could never fix ‘em)
        – Decided to kill myself (too much of a wimp)

        * See Matthew 5:21-26 and 1 John 3:15 if
           your left eyebrow went up on this admission.

   Yes indeed, my life sucked. But as God is so prone to do, He brought me to my knees so that I might look up. In my utter despair, I gave up on Todd 1.0 and prayed for a Divine reboot, “God, if you’re there, if you’re really, really real…would you please help me?!”

   Go figure…He did. He WAS there and He is real – He even afforded me a bonafide miracle in God-Powerful "Do you believe me now?!" fashion.

   Long story tolerable, after God rescued me from self-sufficiency (or better, 'lack thereof'), I decided to spread the good word and prove to non-believers God exists.

   See, I ran (and run) in circles where rightful skepticism was (and is) prevalent. I knew if I were actually going to successfully prove God’s existence, I’d have my work cut out for me. I knew that if I pulled out the Bible and Jesus-thumped my friends over the head, I’d receive a “talk to my hand” response. Rewind a couple of years and that’s exactly what someone would have received from me if the subject of God, Christianity, salvation and the like were presented. These were ALL conversation stoppers.

   I knew that there were a hundred, if not more, really good rational questions and objections to the existence of God and Christianity. For example: Christianity is a moral straightjacket and Christians are moral hypocrites. How could a “good God” allow evil and suffering, and command the slaughter of babies? How can a loving God send people to hell? So…the earth is only 6000 years old, eh? Science has disproved Christianity. How many 'atheists' have enslaved, murdered, oppressed, bombed or terrorized ‘in the name of God’? The difference between us is that I just believe in one less religion. Jesus was a “borrowed” myth.

   And the list goes on (and on). You know what? All fair challenges.

   So I made it my mission to turn and face these ‘Faith Stoppers’ head on, and guess what? There REALLY ARE good, compelling, convincing answers to them all. is dedicated to addressing the Top 100+ Atheist Challenges to God and Christianity head on – in straight-forward, pragmatic fashion. Review the site, review the tone, study the answers and then you be the judge.

   If you’re a non-believer, I pray you find this site fair, honest, thought-provoking and compelling. Jesus is real, religion really isn’t God’s thing, and there is such a thing as an intellectually fulfilled Christian.

   If you’re a Christian,
or a potential backslidden Christian, I pray this site emboldens your faith and provides you with a refreshed conviction in the truth of all things Jesus. The Holy Spirit has had His Divine fingerprints all over this initiative – this site is for YOU to use as a witnessing resource. Please let others know we exist, for you, for them…for Him.

   God Bless…MORE!

Todd Pitner

Todd Pitner