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Dr. Phil Fernandes

    Dr. Phil Fernandes is the President of the Institute of Biblical Defense, which he founded in 1990 to teach Christians how to defend the Christian Faith. He is also the Pastor of Trinity Bible Fellowship in Bremerton, Washington, and teaches philosophy, world religions, and apologetics for King’s West High School, Columbia Evangelical Seminary, and the Imago Dei Institute (formerly Cascade Bible College).

    Note: To engage Dr. Fernandes for a debate or speaking engagement, see bottom of page.      

    Fernandes has earned the following degrees: a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion from Greenwich University, a Master of Arts in Religion from Liberty University, and a Master of Theology from Columbia Evangelical Seminary.

     Fernandes has debated some of America’s leading atheists (i.e., Dr. Michael Martin of Boston University, Jeff Lowder, Eddie Tabash, and Dan Barker). He has lectured and debated in defense of the Christian world view at some of America’s leading universities: Princeton, the University of Washington, Washington State University, Oregon State University, and the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill). Fernandes is a member of four professional societies:  the Evangelical Theological Society, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, the International Society of Christian Apologetics, and the Society of Christian Philosophers.

    Fernandes is the author of several books:  The God Who Sits Enthroned: Evidence for God’s Existence; No Other Gods: A Defense of Biblical Christianity; God, Government, and the Road to Tyranny; and Theism vs. Atheism: The Internet Debate (co-authored with Dr. Michael Martin); Contend Earnestly for the Faith: A Survey of Christian Apologetics. Fernandes’ most recent book is The Atheist Delusion: A Christian Response to Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins. Fernandes has also contributed a chapter to The Big Argument: Does God Exist?, edited by John Ashton and Michael Westacott.

    Over 1,000 of Dr. Fernandes’ sermons
, lectures, and debates are available for free audio download from, firefighters for Christ, and his websites and  His sermons, lectures, and debates have been downloaded over two million times in over 80 countries throughout the world.  

        Dr. Fernandes honorably served his country in the United States Marine Corps from 1980 to 1983. Dr. Fernandes and his wife Cathy reside in Bremerton, WA. They have two grown daughters and three grandsons.  We are delighted to have Dr. Fernandes as a Brother in Christ and Lead Apologist in Christ Led Collaboration for

Refuting Bart Ehrman's Skepticism MP3 Audio by Phil Fernandes

Dr. Phil Fernandes defends the true Jesus of history and the veracity of the Bible. He refutes the claims of scholars, such as Bart Ehrman, who use well-known New Testament manuscript variants and controversial verses as an excuse to reject all biblical texts. Original video at the Institute of Biblical Defense.
Full MP3 Audio here. 
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Dr. Fernandes' books can be found here.

Can Dr. Fernandes speak (or debate) at my group?

Yes! Dr. Fernandes charges $1000 per day or part of a day away from home (plus plane fare) and is available Friday thru Sunday on some weekends. (This is very reasonable given his profile and schedule—he charges mostly for time away from family.)  When you have a few candidate dates and a few candidate topics, you may be put in touch with Dr. Fernandes by contacting us here and selecting 'Speaker Engagements' from the drop down menu.