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Jesus Shock by Dr. Peter Kreeft

I happen to be one of those oddballs who destroys books when I read them. When so inspired, I have no issue underlining text, highlighting words, bending corners and writing in the margins -- to me, all fair game.

Here's the problem with Dr. Kreeft's new book
, Jesus Shock: the margins are too narrow! To be fair, though, if the margins were six inches around on all sides, I would still be complaining. This book is THAT GOOD! I'm serious -- I have never read abook that ends up with more written words in the margin than typed words on the page. 'Inspiring' is a gross understatment. If I only had three books to take with me on a desert island where I was destined to live the rest of my life (in that case, Lord, Hawaii perhaps?), my food for the soul would include the Bible authored by God, The Utmost For The Highest written by Oswald Chambers and now Jesus Shock penned by Dr. Peter Kreeft.

My favorite couple of lines from his book?

"Those who meet Jesus always experience either joy or its opposites, either foretastes of Heaven or foretastes of Hell. Not everyone who meets Jesus is pleased, and not everyone is happy, but everyone is shocked."

How true that's been in my personal walk. For 42 of my 45 years I was negatively shocked by 'all things Jesus' -- the very subject of Him in conversation became a show stopper. "NEXT subject, please!" After God hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and brought me to my knees so that I might look up, I found Jesus (not that He was ever lost). He was a show STARTER.

Jesus cures
unbelief. Jesus cures spiritual emptiness. Jesus cures alcoholism. Jesus cures emotional pain. Jesus cures loneliness. Jesus cures what ailes you.

Psalm 34:8 (New King James Version)

     Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good;
           Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!

BEWARE, though, for Christ makes life unpredictable upon exchanging 'my' will for 'Thy' will.

See, 'Thy will' does not ask you for your opinon or permission. Jesus cures boredom too. Follow the Leader and find surprising Joy. Hold on, you're in for the ride of your eternal life!

Dr. Kreeft's God-inspired (and Todd inspiring) book is a true treasure. An early CHRISTmas present. Dr. Kreeft, thank you for writing it. God bless you...MORE!

Yes indeed, this Christ character IS divisive, isn't He?

As for me and my house, the smart money's on Jesus.

Todd Pitner