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Top 100 Atheist Challenges

I tried Christianity but failed when the church bouncer told me to check my intelligence in at the door. Christians are stupid – ignorant, dumb, money-grubbing gay-bashing idiot bigots.

With tongue somewhat in cheek, I am inclined to say that if you rejected Christianity on the basis of what a "Church bouncer" told you, then you had checked your intelligence had been checked well before the door. When considering Christianity, the relevant question is not "How do you some of its adherents behave?" Rather, the key issue is whether its claims are true. If it is true that God exists and that everyone has failed to conform to his righteousness thereby meriting for themselves an eternity of punishment that can only be averted through an atoning mechanism at least roughly similar to what has been claimed of the death of Jesus, then one had better hope Christianity is true even if some of its professors are no help in commending it to others.

As it happens, the above claims can be demonstrated wholly apart from reliance on explicitly Christian assumptions.  Therefore one must judge the matter independently of their feelings (whether justified or not) toward individual Christians.