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Top 100 Atheist Challenges

The fine tuning argument that the universe saw us coming is pretty lame!

Why the Universe Is the Way It Is 

RTB Design Compendium (2009) 

by Dr. Hugh Ross


As a supplement to material presented in Why the Universe Is the Way It Is (see Appendix C) and in his university lectures, Hugh Ross makes available a catalog of cosmic design evidences, along with a bibliography of the journal articles and books from which they are drawn. These unedited notes are offered in the hope that they will stimulate further study—more specifically, further testing of various creation and evolution models, including the Reasons To Believe creation model.


This compendium is divided into four major segments, available for purchase as one unit or in parts:


Part 1: Fine-Tuning for Life in the Universe — lists 140 features of the cosmos as a whole (including the laws of physics) that must fall within certain narrow ranges to allow for the possibility of physical life's existence.


Part 2: Fine-Tuning for Intelligent Physical Life—describes 402 quantifiable characteristics of a planetary system and its galaxy that must fall within narrow ranges to allow for the possibility of advanced life's existence. This list includes comment on how a slight increase or decrease in the value of each characteristic would impact that possibility.


Part 3: Probability Estimates for Features Required by Various Life Forms—identifies 922 characteristics of a galaxy and of a planetary system physical life depends on and offers conservative estimates of the probability that any galaxy or planetary system would manifest such characteristics. This list is divided into three parts, based on differing requirements for various life-forms and their duration.


Part 4: Probability Estimates on Different Size Scales for the Features Required by Advanced Life—presents a breakdown of the characteristics required by advanced life (from Part 3) as they must occur, separately, in the galaxy cluster, galaxy, star, planetary system, planet, moon, planetary surface, and ecosystem where advanced life exists.


In other words, the exquisite fine-tuning of the Universe remains unescapably non-lame.

Christians: Please note that when you address challenges with strong evidence (like the probability estimates above), many atheists will evoke satire and ridicule to deflect.  They go to great lengths to do so, too.  Here is our favorite:


In response, we simply share, "Satire and ridicule may persuade some, offend a few, and intimidate many, but not me. Christianity's arguments are built on an accountable foundation, yours are pulled from an unaccountable opinion."