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How do you reconcile creation and science?

Reconciling Creation and Science

There are many ways in which Christians interpret the creation story in Genesis and reconcile it with modern science.

Theistic evolution
Progressive creationism
Old-earth creationism
Young-earth creationism
Secular evolution
General questions and information

In our opinion, each of the interpretations presented above (with the exception of secular evolution) is theoretically possible and at least somewhat plausible. While we favor old-earth creationism as presented by the team at Reason To Believe, we will present all options; readers can then evaluate each and come to their own conclusion. (For those looking for arguments and counter-arguments, most of the websites listed in each category argue against one or more of the other views.) As long as a view doesn't go off the theological deep end (e.g. hindering people's salvation or spiritual growth) or the logical deep end, it deserves to be considered seriously and without its proponents and opponents accusing each other of spiritual or intellectual blindness. However, we would caution people against an overly figurative interpretation of Genesis or the Bible, particularly those espoused by the more liberal forms of theistic evolution. As with any theological matter, Christians ought to approach this subject with prayer.


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