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Top 100 Atheist Challenges

How are Christians supposed to be happy in Heaven when their loved ones might be in Hell?

In considering this question, one should try to remember an instance of such intense pain that the pain itself was literally the only thing before one’s mind at the time.  Even if such an experience cannot be recalled, surely one can recognize that such scenarios may have befallen others.  Now one should consider whether being in such a state entails not having memory of loved ones, or no longer caring about people, or lacking in compassion. Certainly it seems that anyone who describes the situation in these terms would be simply misguided.


Correspondingly, it seems as though the beatific vision would be an instance in which one’s joy would reach such utter heights that the joy itself would be the only thing present to one’s consciousness.  And correspondingly, in such a scenario it doesn’t seem accurate to characterize those involved as having become deficient in memory, compassion, or feeling.  Thus the blessed in Heaven could be quite happy even as their loved ones exist in Hell, because the whole of their awareness is directed to God and the bliss he is imparting to them by virtue of his presence.