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Top 100 Atheist Challenges

It’s irrational to believe that people rise from the dead. Even if it is possible, shouldn’t it always be judged improbable since it has happened so few times…even according to Christians?

So long as one grants that the concept of God is not contradictory, one should be willing to grant that a resurrection is possible (because if it is possible that God exists, then it is possible that God exists and raises someone from the dead). While it is true that resurrections are necessarily infrequent, one needs to consider the circumstances that would have to unfold in order for God to consider performing a resurrection. If it could be shown that these circumstances actually have unfolded time and again without any resurrections, then one would be justified in inferring from their extraordinarily low frequency to their improbability in any given case. But the Christian will contend that those circumstances have only arisen a couple times throughout the entire history of the world, and that in those few instances resurrections actually were performed. For the atheist to challenge this is to beg the entire question at issue. Thus the resurrection of Jesus cannot be ruled out on the basis of considerations relating to prior probability. If it is to be undermined, it must be by way of arguments other than these.


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