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Top 100 Atheist Challenges

If the Biblical God exists, He's self-centered and conceited because He created an entire universe just to sit around and worship Him!

According to classical theism, one of the attributes of God is impassibility.  What this refers to is the fact that God is completely unaffected by anything outside of Himself; He is not, in other words, changed or influenced by anything in creation.  Everything He is, He is by nature.  But if nothing affects Him, then He cannot be said to “get anything out of” the creation at all.  He is neither improved nor diminished by it, and therefore it is necessarily the case that creation is not due to any conceit on His part.  Rather, if Christianity is true, then the life others are given is a means by which they can partake of the highest good possible (viz. God Himself).  Thus, far from self-centeredness, creation is the paradigmatic example of a selfless act.