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Top 100 Atheist Challenges

Miracle stories were crafted AFTER Jesus died, and then included just to make Jesus look like a Jewish wonder working messianic figure. It’s called messianic fiction.

As far as the truth of Christianity is concerned, the only miracle of any consequence is the resurrection of Jesus.  If there is good reason to suppose that this story was not added later to make Jesus out to be a messianic figure, then the question is sufficiently answered (since all the other miracles attributed to Jesus are superfluous if the resurrection is genuine).  One can show that the resurrection was not invented on Jesus’ behalf because if it did not occur, Jesus would have been under the divine curse, given that he died by crucifixion (Deuteronomy 21:23).  The only other alternative is that someone who knew he was a fraud was able to independently convince four different people to write four different accounts of his life narrating much the same story, all the while being in the dark about each other’s existence (hardly a plausible scenario).