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Top 100 Atheist Challenges

There’s no evidence outside of the Bible that indicates the miracle stories about Jesus are authentic!

The question is misguided in that it seems to assume the Bible (and the New Testament specifically) is just a single book.  Not only are there in fact four different sources for the miracles of Jesus in the New Testament (with additional sources contained within those), but there is the testimony of Paul as well as James, two skeptics of Jesus’ miracles who were ultimately convinced by his resurrection.  The Bible, one must understand, was not originally conceived as a single “holy book” of any sort.  Rather, its contents were (and are) the accounts and letters of people who claimed to have witnessed the events for themselves.  Thus, posing this question is on a par with asking for accounts of the holocaust other aside from those written or influenced by those involved.  Such sources, by their very nature, are second rate.


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