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Top 100 Atheist Challenges

Christian claims are not credible! Wouldn’t we expect SOME evidence of the exodus from Egypt, if it took place? 2.5 million people wandering around for 40 years in a specific geographic location...and NOTHING!

Though there is indeed impressive evidence for the exodus from Egypt (to be detailed later), the assumptions of the question are flawed: the absence of evidence only constitutes evidence of absence when (1) We have reason to think evidence would be discovered, were a thorough investigation to be conducted; and (2) A thorough investigation has been conducted in the relevant areas. As it happens, both assumptions are false; given how long ago the events in question were said to have occurred and the relative scarcity of remains surviving from the time in question, we do not actually have good reason to suspect that confirmatory evidence would be available. Second, many of the areas most pertinent to such an investigation are presently under Muslim control, thus preventing an exhaustive search.