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Top 100 Atheist Challenges

Christians make the assertions, atheists just require that they back them up with evidence. For example, what evidence is there from the Old Testament that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah?

Though there are, of course, many different arguments one could give, the passage in Malachi 3:1 is particularly interesting. Here Israel is told that the Lord, whom they seek, will come to his temple. At the time the verse was written, “his temple” could have only referred to the temple then standing. Since this temple was destroyed in 70 AD, the Lord must have come to the temple prior to that point. Lest one suggest that he came "spiritually", it need only be pointed that, spiritually speaking, the Lord was already present in the temple. Since the only other sense of “presence” is physical in nature, the Lord must have physically come to the Temple prior to 70 AD. Since Jesus was the only messianic claimant prior to that time ever hailed as the Lord, it follows that it must have been he who fulfilled the prophecy, and who is therefore the Jewish Messiah.