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Top 100 Atheist Challenges

Didn’t Jesus REBUKE Thomas for wanting evidence of the resurrection?! Wouldn’t this rebuke also extend to Christian apologists who seek to satisfy this demand by offering evidence for Christian claims?

Two points need to be made: first, one should not forget that Jesus actually provided the evidence Thomas was seeking; thus this passage can in no way be taken to mean we shouldn’t be offering reasons for belief when that is precisely what Jesus himself does. Second, one should not forget that Thomas was an apostle; as such, he traveled with Jesus for three years, and must have witnessed innumerable miracles in addition to having received what must have been fairly “up close and personal” instruction and teaching (including the teaching that Jesus would be killed and then raised from the dead!). And as if that weren’t enough, his friends were telling him that they had personally seen his prediction come true. Thus if Thomas was doubting after all of that, it is not because his critical faculties were functioning; it is because they were malfunctioning. He already had an embarrassment of riches in terms of evidence, and Jesus therefore blesses those who will know what to do with such an embarrassment when they have it.