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Top 100 Atheist Challenges

I don't believe your book - there are over 1000 errors found in the bible -

Ah, yes, Joe Wallack's list of "1001 errors."

Every single one of them have been refuted here.

You'll note that Mr. Wallack has no inkling how to rebut responses to his list of "1001 errors." This is shown inasmuch as, as of June 2009, his list, though transposed to a new site, has not gone past 737 entries in nearly 5 years -- corresponding with this posting of these refutations. In addition, please note that a very large number of Wallack's listed "errors" consist of one of these three issues:

  • He accuses New Testament authors of misusing the Old Testament. In such cases he is unaware of Jewish exegetical methods of the first century. On that issue see here and here.
  • His issue with use of "the" before "Spirit" when referring to the Holy Spirit. See entry #18.
  • Places where he holds NT authors to a highly "fundamentalist" and literalist standard, over and against standard methods of historical reportage by ancient authors (which included such techniques as dischronoligization, telescoping, etc. -- see some material on this here, especially the mini-essays).

Because these are very frequently appealed to, and means Mr. Wallack commits the same error repeatedly, after a point we will not reprint and answer these in detail, merely referring to them as "exegetical" issues, literary issues, or with reference back to entry #18.

Please note, Mr. Wallack's entries are in regular type. Important!

We checked Mr. Wallack's new website for updates and found that he has apparently done some renumbering of these entries. J.P. Holding is not really "into" the idea of checking back and renumbering his own entries, so please be aware that these may be off by one or two numbers starting somewhere in the 200s. J.P. also kept the Scripture references Wallack used past that point to make it more clear where our refutations are in the list, and note now and then what the variations are.