| Feed Atheist Challenges If God is all-good, why does God allow natural disasters, i.e. earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis? of God/challenge_answer/313 There is no scientific evidence for the existence of God...just assertions. of God/challenge_answer/312 Your all-powerful God created the devil and evil - simply to set up "the fall." He did this KNOWING that most souls would ultimately suffer eternal punishment. You call this a good God? I call it evil. of Evil/challenge_answer/311 I know lots of people who don’t believe in Jesus, and they live good lives. So they're all going to hell, huh?! If God is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving, why does he PERMIT starvation, child molestation, rape, torture and genocide? And telling us these VICTIMS suffer because of an inherited sin committed by Adam and Eve does not suffice! of Evil/challenge_answer/167 To accept the story of the Noah’s Flood AS FACT flies in the face of practically all of the archaeological, historical, literary, meteorological, and geological research EVER conducted to say nothing of good old common sense. It's a non-starter for me. Testament/challenge_answer/136 How do you reconcile creation and science? Is it really fair for one who does not accept Jesus to suffer in Hell forever? So you believe in a book full of contradictions, one that endorses slavery, incest, murder, drowning babies, genocide and stoning homosexuals? Bible - General/challenge_answer/111 Test The fine tuning argument that the universe saw us coming is pretty lame! Questions For Atheists (*) REGARDING: for Atheists/challenge_answer/288 I believe in god if you want to define god as "nature." It's called Evolutionary Naturalism. There isn't a single shred of reliable evidence that Yahweh ever existed in any realm than the fruitful imagination of long dead kingships. Bible - General/challenge_answer/95 The Bible is a collection of fairytales written by illiterate goat herders back in the Bronze Age. The Catholic Church cherry picked which fables to include to mind control non-thinking tithers. Bible - General/challenge_answer/285 Don’t the numerous televangelists on TBN and other such networks show that Christianity is all about the money? If Christians really cared about promoting peace and love, they wouldn’t be so flipping INTOLERANT! What does it mean to be a Christian? There are over 30,000 different groups, all of which answer this question differently. If agreement cannot be found on THIS issue, can the claims of Christians themselves be taken with any degree of seriousness? ALL sins are forgiven if you ‘accept Jesus as your savior’, right? What about the non-forgivable sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit? We have a little CONTRADICTION problem here?! Doesn’t evolution account for the origin and diversity of life on earth, thereby eliminating the need to appeal to God?